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There’s a trend I’ve seen recently reported in some newspapers about children’s school photographs being ‘photoshopped’ to correct wonky smiles, round faces and even gappy teeth.

School photographs are what they are … a quick snapshot in time. 

I have to admit I haven’t got any on my wall, but I do keep copies in a memory box. 

School photos may not always have the most natural expressions, photographers are usually up against it with the time,  but they do serve as a fantastic marker in a child’s life. They show, just how your youngster was looking on that day, in that year … why would you want them doctored?

It’s not unusual for my clients to ask for a bit of photoshopping. I’ve had parents ask for gappy teeth to be corrected, but it’s not something I would do unless specifically asked for. 

Some photographers work to a rule of correcting only non-permeant skin blemishes, the odd spot or a scratch can easily be corrected with photoshop and if it is the intention to display the photography proudly over the mantle piece for years to come, this can be a kindness.

Last week I had two brothers get in touch about a school photograph. They had the idea that, a decade on, they wanted to recreate their mum’s favourite school photograph and give to her as a gift for her birthday. Sweet!

School photograph reconstructionSchool photograph reconstructionSchool photograph reconstruction

I should have taken a quick snap of the original to show you, but I didn’t think at the time so I’ll leave that to your imagination.

The posing was relatively simple, the brothers had to be very close together, my adjustable stools helped get the height right,  the lighting was also fairly straight forward with just one big soft light and a reflector opposite.

The last thing we needed was cheeky grins, not a problem!

We completed the look with a typical black card mount … I think mum will be proud!

It didn’t take too long to do so the lads had a bit of extra time in the studio for some other shots …


Now it’s your turn, what are your views on 'photoshopping' and do you think school photos should be altered?


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